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Chinese Startup Gets Crypto Custodial Services License in Hong Kong

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Cryptocurrency custodians are third parties that store large amounts of digital assets for institutions, hedge funds, exchanges and issuers of initial coin offerings. Companies in Hong Kong now have a new locally regulated option, which could help to increase investor confidence.

Keep Your Holdings In a Vault at Invault

Invault, a Shanghai-based startup, has secured a new trust license from the Hong Kong financial regulator to act as a digital custodian in the Chinese special administrative region. It plans to begin offering automated cryptocurrency custodial services in December. It is also said to be in talks with a couple of “mid-sized” insurance companies to possibly add their coverage to its services.

The Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong recently introduced a new regulatory framework for the local cryptocurrency industry, including exchanges, asset portfolio managers, intermediaries and fund distributors. Among other requirements, licensed asset fund mangers need to choose to keep clients’ funds at a custodian, an exchange or in cold storage. This is the niche Invault is now stepping into, storing the private keys for clients’ wallets in a physical vault.

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