Major Video Card Supplier Enters Cryptocurrency Mining Business

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Sapphire Technology, one of the largest suppliers of AMD-based video cards in the world, has announced that it’s officially entering the cryptocurrency hardware business. The Hong Kong-headquartered company is launching a flagship mining rig.

A New Player Enters the Field

Sapphire’s new rig, the INCA CS-14 Block-Chain Compute System, features 14 RX 470 GPUs and comes preloaded with the Linux operating system and mining software. It is expected to deliver a hash power of 410 MH/s, plus or minus 5 percent, with power consumption set at roughly 1,950 watts. The company claims it has put “over 15 years of know-how manufacturing state-of-the-art graphics cards” into the development of the new cryptocurrency mining rig.

The system appears to be designed with professorial mining farms in mind, as it employs a range of data-center optimization technologies. It is compatible with standard racks made by most vendors, the airflow is optimized for large configurations, all the cables are installed in one direction, and it enables power management and monitoring down to the individual mining rig outlet.

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