Exchange News: Coincheck Resumes All Trading, Bitmex Insurance Fund Grows

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In recent crypto exchange news, Coincheck has successfully reinstated deposits and trading services for all cryptocurrencies that were live on the exchange before it was hacked in January. Bhex, an exchange founded by Huobi’s former chief technology officer, has announced that it will start operations at the end of the month, while 1,452.6 BTC was recently added to the Bitmex Insurance Fund in a single day.

Coincheck Resumes All Pre-Hack Trading

Coincheck has reinstated deposits and purchases for XRP and FCT. As such, it has now resumed services for all cryptocurrencies that were live at the time of the NEM hack in January, when roughly $530 million of funds were taken from the exchange.

Coincheck has now reinstated most of its services, including new account signups, yen deposits and withdrawals, cryptocurrency deposits and trade, and its lending service. Still, it still has yet to reinstate yen deposits through convenience stores, as well as its Coincheck Payment platform and leveraged transactions for new positions.

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