New Market Surveillance Tool to Fight Price Manipulation

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The cryptocurrency market is a target of the same manipulation and abuse that the equity, commodity and forex markets have suffered for years, and exchanges that wish to protect their clients need ways to monitor trading activity. Bitstamp is now the latest exchange to implement such a tool.

Bitstamp to Deploy Irisium

Bitstamp has announced a partnership with Irisium to launch a market-monitoring platform on the exchange. Irisium, a subsidiary of Swedish stock-exchange technology developer Cinnober, is a market surveillance service provider for traditional exchanges, clearing houses, regulators and trading firms around the world.

“We are committed to crypto in the long term,” said Bitstamp CEO and co-founder Nejc Kodrič. “Our desire is to provide a fair and orderly market which reflects accurate supply and demand. In order for the industry to mature, effective market monitoring is crucial. We are cooperating closely with Irisium and will leverage their significant experience to provide a more robust and transparent trading venue for our customers.”

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