Petition to Free Ross Ulbricht Gathers 100,000 Signatures

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Over the last few months, a petition aimed at freeing Ross Ulbricht from prison has garnered 100,000 signatures. The request addressed to U.S. president Donald Trump and hosted on explains that Ulbricht deserves clemency because his investigation, trial, and sentencing were rife with abuse.

After Reaching the Milestone, Ulbricht Petition Now Aims for 150,000 Signatures

Ross Ulbricht is serving a double life sentence plus 40 years for his involvement with the creation of the Silk Road marketplace. Ulbricht has spent the last five years in prison after U.S. law enforcement arrested him on Oct. 1, 2013, at the San Francisco Public Library. Since then, Ulbricht and his family have tried to appeal the judgment with the supreme court system and a post-conviction relief extension, which were both denied. After dealing with the courts last July, the Ulbricht family started a petition on asking Donald Trump to pardon Ulbricht and allow him to be released from prison. Four months later, Ulbricht’s clemency petition has reached 103,980 signatures and climbing.

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