Court Drops Charges Against Alleged Btc-e Operator Alexander Vinnik

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The lawsuit against alleged Btc-e operator Alexander Vinnik for “fraud, money laundering, and other grave crimes” filed in Cyprus has reportedly been dropped. His lawyer says the case “fell apart at the very early stage” at the initiative of the plaintiffs themselves.

Lawsuit Dropped

The lawsuit filed in Cyprus against Alexander Vinnik has reportedly been withdrawn by the plaintiffs, Tass reported on Tuesday. Vinnik allegedly operated the now-defunct Cyprus-registered cryptocurrency exchange Btc-e. His lawyer Timofei Musatov wrote in a press release sent to the news outlet:
A court session of the Limassol District Court was held on November 27, 2018, where the plaintiffs withdrew the action to accuse Alexander Vinnik of fraud, money laundering and other grave crimes.
Expressing his satisfaction with the court’s decision, Musatov said that the court “not only formally satisfied the motion, but also made the decision on the compensation of all legal costs the defendant incurred.”

He asserted that the case “fell apart at the very early stage … at the initiative of the plaintiffs themselves,” noting:
[This] proves the weakness of accusations against Alexander, vulnerability of plaintiffs’ legal position and their unwillingness to get the case as far as an open legal battle.

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